about me



You might call me the reluctant medium.  From a very young age I could  sense or know things.  I realized that I was very  different from my other family members and when I started parochial school  it became even more apparent.  

 Being raised Catholic I seemed to have more questions than answers.  Looking back,  it was difficult growing up because there weren't the resources that there are today. 

I had two life changing events that would alter the course of my life.  Thinking about it, there were so many signs that what I was doing wasn't working but I wasn't ready to change.

We were on vacation when I decided to get a Psychic reading.  I was told to "go home and change my life."  Little did I know how synchronistic this message would be in the coming days.  It was just before everything fell apart.  I reflected on those words many times over. 

 I had an "aha" moment and took a leap of faith.  I quit my job and left the security of the small churches I was doing readings in to work in the public as a full-time medium. 

 It has been an exciting journey that has been full of self discovery and fulfillment.  I could not have dreamed of a better life even with all it's ups and downs. 

 I am a Psychic,  Evidential Medium, Energy Healer, Ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher & Reiki Master who assists people from all walks of life who are seeking insight into their lives and looking for practical guidance and tools that can make their life better.  

Take a few moments to look through my website and read the testimonials to see what you may expect in your reading or how I might be able to assist you on your journey.