Psychic Readings


A psychic reading deals with life’s issues whether it’s relationships, career, health, finances, spiritual growth or gaining clarity on the direction of your life.  In a psychic reading I will start by "tuning in" and telling you what I am picking up energetically.  I look to see what has taken place in the past, what is currently going on, and what will likely manifest in your near future.

A psychic reading is great if  you're struggling with issues because the information from the reading can provide insight and clarity on why things aren't working.  Plus it can validate information you already know which can help you in the decision making process.  

Mediumship Readings~ Linking to the Spirit World


I work with my guides to bring you messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.  I start by raising my vibration  as your loved one in the Spirit World  lowers their vibration for the link to take place.  I work with the Spirit World to provide you with proof that your loved one is really communicating with you.  

This can consist of a physical description of the person, what their personality was like, how they transitioned, names, fond memories, where they lived, family members, birthdays or anniversaries.  I strive to bring forth information that couldn't possibly be known! If you have unanswered questions or concerns about the passing of a loved one, connecting with them can be healing, empowering and can help provide closure.  It's truly a blessing to realize that your loved ones are always with you and that love never dies.

Tips for a great reading

  1.  When you contact me for a reading  I only need one word to tune in psychically, after that I just need a simple yes or no to know I'm on track.  If you're seeking to link with someone in the Spirit World, validation  will come from them during the reading.  
  2. The more relaxed and rested you are the better. 
  3. Have an open mind and try to refrain from expecting anything during the reading.  The Spirit World will bring forth what they feel is most important for you to know .  
  4. I have a very solid record for linking to the Spirit World but I do not guarantee that the person you are seeking to communicate with will come through. It is a two way communication and they are in the driver's seat.  
  5. One or more Spirits can come through from the Spirit World.
  6. Currently, I do not offer a recording of your telephone session. 

Schedule your appointment


Please read carefully 

Fill out the contact form  to schedule your reading.  Then, add me to your contact list so I land in your inbox.   

Include the length of  time you are requesting for a reading or energy clearing/re-balancing.  

All appointments are scheduled in Mountain Standard Time.  

15 minute psychic reading $65  

30 minute psychic and/or connection to the Spirit World reading $100  

​50 - 60 minute psychic reading and/or connection to Spirit World $200

Each additional person $100

All readings are phone readings unless pre-arranged. 

Added charge for drive time for personal readings and parties depending on location of meeting place.

Readings are invoiced through Square.  Payment is due within  4 days to secure your appointment.  Once payment has been made you will be confirmed on the calendar.  

All  messages will be returned within two business days.  

Reschedule within 48 hours.



 Disclaimer:  Any information presented in a Psychic, Mediumistic reading or Energy Clearing & Re-balancing is not meant to replace any psychological, legal, medical, or other professional advice or services. Private sessions, in-person, radio, email, text, telephone, events, workshops or retreats should not be considered a form of therapy or substitute for licensed medical care.  The guidance and insight provided through my services are spiritual in nature and intended to help clients to make better life choices toward their own happiness, well-being and fulfillment . Ultimately, you have free will to make your own decision regardless of the information brought through in a reading.  Jane Renner-Seybold LLC  shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the reading. Must be 18 years of age.

All services are non-refundable.